Where are Services Provided?

Speech Therapy Services for children and adults are often best provided at SpeechCare’s office, 2137 Embassy Dr. Suite #103, Lancaster, PA 17603.

Providing therapy in our office allows for the greatest access of materials and equipment. Some equipment is unable to be moved from the office, making it unavailable to be used elsewhere. Also, therapy provided at our office allows for greater control of distractions.

When transportation to our office is unavailable On-Line Speech Therapy through the internet might be an option for some clients living in Pennsylvania. The feasibility for on-line services needs to be evaluated for each client and depends upon the type of therapy intervention needed, the age of the client, their computer access and computer skills, and their ability to cooperate and attend. Children require an adult with them at all times to assist with the session activities.

The other option for individuals who cannot travel to our office would be Home-based Therapy. This option requires the therapist to travel to the client’s home or other location and depends upon therapist availability and proximity. There is a charge for travel mileage based upon the IRS posted rate.

Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Services provided through Birth to Three Early Intervention are provided in the child’s ‘natural environment’. This is usually the child’s home or daycare. Sometimes therapy services are provided in community locations where the child normally might go with their family, such as a community park or grocery store. SpeechCare contracts with Lancaster, Lebanon and Dauphin counties to provide these services.

To learn more, call SpeechCare (717) 569-8972.