What’s it like to work with SpeechCare?

We believe everyone has a right to reach their potential. SpeechCare does not discriminate in employment or program services for reasons of race, gender, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, or physical or intellectual disabilities.

We want to help, educate and empower our clients so that they don’t need us forever. We believe in teaching clients what to do, how to do it, and where to go to find additional information and beneficial community activities that support continued growth and improvement.

You’ll be working with experienced, licensed therapists and employees who care about clients. All therapists have a master’s degree or higher, years of experience, and yearly continuing education. We have therapists that have specialized expertise in the areas of stuttering, reading instruction, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric feeding, pediatric hearing impairment, positioning and adaptive equipment, speech production, selective mutism, and pediatric language therapy.

Therapists will be teaching you skills and providing information that will inform, empower and foster improvement. Clients are provided with a variety of resources to expand their knowledge base. They might practice speech skills using a computer, by playing games or using other materials. Parents are coached in ways they can incorporate therapy activities into their daily routines.

We are dependable and value your time. We make every effort to be on-time and not to keep you waiting. We try to make every session a valuable learning experience. Likewise, we expect you to be present, on-time, and ready to work during your scheduled session.

We are flexible. Different clients have different needs, goals, time schedules, and ways of learning. We’ll be there with you through the challenges and help you celebrate your success.

We will be working together. We will be listening carefully to your concerns and needs so that we can share an understanding of your goals. We will provide honest feedback and ask you to do so also.

Your treatment plan will be customized for you but rooted in evidenced-based practices. These are treatment approaches that have been shown to help clients.