Business Communication Skills

In the current economic environment, how we say something can be just important as what we say. Are you frustrated because you’re not getting that job or promotion? Do you feel that you have the skills and experience but are unable to “package” yourself to showcase those attributes? Do you have difficulty speaking clearly and confidently?

When communicating in a professional setting, effective communication skills can have a significant impact on how you are perceived by others.  Good business communication skills make you appear more capable, confident, and worthy of respect.

At SpeechCare our Corporate Speech Pathology services strive to help you shine!

We address body language skills such as posture, eye contact, and use of gestures. To help you speak more effectively we work on topics such as rate of speech, enunciation, fillers, pausing and voice.

We can help you improve your writing skills, improving the clarity and effectiveness of your writing. Our sessions are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

If you are going on job interviews we can help you prepare and improve your interview skills. Having thought-out answers to questions you are likely to encounter is helpful. Being able to answer the interview questions while highlighting your skills and experiences will help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicants.

Invest in yourself. Working with SpeechCare will help you communicate more professionally and help you prepare for job interviews. Preparation reduces anxiety and improves performance.

If you are interested in improving your business communication or job interviewing skills, call SpeechCare (717) 569-8972 to arrange an appointment.