Reading & Spelling Instruction Using LiPS®, Seeing Stars®, and V/V® Methodologies

To improve decoding words and spelling:
The Lindamood-Phoneme Sequencing ® (LiPS®) Program is for early literacy and remedial reading intervention for those students having difficulty reading and spelling individual words. The LiPS® Program teaches students to recognize speech and letter sounds by discovering how the sounds are made in their mouth. The student explores the physical movements used to produce the sound, thus learning to hear, see, and feel the sound. This focus on the mouth movements then helps the student identify the sequence of sounds and number of syllables in each word.

To improve instant word recognition and spelling:
The Seeing Stars® (SI™) Program helps develop instant word recognition or “symbol imagery” – the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words. This program goes through a series of steps from single syllable to multi-syllable words to build instant word recognition. This helps to improve reading and spelling skills.

To improve reading & listening comprehension and thinking & expressive language:
The Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V®) Program helps students develop a visual image of what they are reading and hearing, and helps them verbalize what they are thinking. This ability to mentally create an image improves reading and listening comprehension as well as thinking and expressive language.

These programs are appropriate for school-aged children, college students and adults.

TED Ed 8/1/2013

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