LIDCOMBE PROGRAM of Early Stuttering Intervention

The Lidcombe Program is a treatment for preschool children who stutter. It utilizes a parent or caregiver to deliver the treatment in the child’s natural environment. The parent/caregiver is trained by the speech-language pathologist how to do this during weekly visits to our office. The speech-language pathologist demonstrates various features of the treatment, observes the parent doing the treatment, and gives the parent feedback.

The parents/caregivers are taught ways to reinforce the child’s non-stuttered speech by giving positive feedback. They learn to recognize fluent speech vs. stuttered speech and how to measure the severity of the child’s stuttering.

Initially, the parent/caregiver conducts the treatment daily during specific times and attends weekly therapy sessions. Once the stuttering disappears or reaches a very low level, the number of office visits and amount of needed parent feedback are reduced.

On average, the first stage of the program takes about 12 – 15 visits. After that, sessions are spread out until no longer needed. Children with more severe stuttering may require a longer program.

The Lidcombe Program was developed in Australia and independent clinical trials show it to be effective in getting rid of stuttering. It is used by speech-language pathologists world-wide.

If your child is having difficulty with stuttering, call SpeechCare (717) 569-8972 to learn more about using the Lidcombe Program to help your child.

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