Toddler-Preschool Stuttering Prevention

The Toddler-Preschool Stuttering Prevention Program is an intervention program for children 2-6 years old who are just starting to stutter or have been stuttering for less than a year. The goal of the program is to prevent stuttering from becoming a serious, life-long problem. The program emphasizes training parents and caregivers to be the main therapeutic intervention force for the young child.

Our intervention program is based on the Temple University Stuttering Prevention Program. It views stuttering in the preschool child as a result of demands exceeding capacities. Armed with proper techniques and information, adults often see a decrease in their child’s stuttering within weeks.

In this program, parents and caregivers are given information:

  • To help them differentiate normal disfluencies from true stuttering.
  • To give them insight as to what may be causing the child’s stuttering.
  • To help them modify their own speech behavior and the child’s environment so as to create an environment that is more conducive to helping the child develop as a fluent speaker.

It is individualized to meet the needs of each family, and may include:

  • Telephone consultations,
  • Demonstration sessions,
  • Videotaping and feedback sessions,
  • Referral for counseling,
  • Additional diagnostic testing,
  • Individual speech therapy using the Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention
  • Consultation to the child’s daycare providers.

If your toddler/preschooler is stuttering, call SpeechCare (717) 569-8972 to set up an appointment.

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